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Kitchen Renovation

Open Concept Kitchen renovation
Ikea cabinets, Quartz Countertops
Colour Scheme
Cafe Appliances, Pot filler


-Resurface Hardwood
-Resurface Original Window/Door trim
-Custom stained basboard
-Custom bar with black walnut bar tops
-Barn Door install
-Paint walls, ceiling
Tavernetta Bar
-Custom bar with black walnut bar tops
-Black walnut shelves with 1" threaded pipe supports
Tavernetta Kitchen
-Custom seating area
-Tile work
-New range hood install
Tavernetta Barn Door
-Sliding Barn Door
-Installation of track and door

Washroom Renovation

Airdrie Renovation

Kitchen Renovation
Living Room
-Fireplace Finishing
Bathroom Renovation
-Tub Surround
-Stained Vanity
Bathroom Renovation

Airdrie Condo Renovation

Townhouse Renovation
-New Flooring
Carpet, 5mm Luxury vinyl plank
-Drywall repairs
-Sub floor repairs
-Paint entire house
Finished Vinyl Flooring
-Luxury Vinyl Plank and install proved by Airdrie Carpet
-Glued Joints
New door install
-Custom Routered Hinges

Main Floor Renovation

-New Casing
-New Baseboard
-Walls & Ceiling Painted
-New Casing
-New Baseboard
-Walls & Ceiling Painted
-New Casing
-New Baseboard
-Walls & Ceiling Painted
-New Casing
-New Baseboard
-Walls & Ceiling Painted

Basement Renovation

Basemen Restoration
Concrete Floor, New cabinets, New countertop, New trim, Interior painting.
Basement Restoration
Custom closets, all various sizes with different shelving units. new doors and all painting.
Basement Restoration
New mirror, New vanity, New toilet, Painting, Baseboard, Casing
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Small Interior Jobs

Floating Platform/Pony wall
-Floating platform to maximize space for a snow blower storage
-Safety Pony wall to block off stairs to storage room
Sub Floor
-Insulated sub-floor with sub pump access panel
Appliance install
-Install all built in appliances to cabinets
Undermount Sink Install

Bathroom Renovations

Texture Removal
Texture Removed
Shower Demolition

Washroom Renovation

Vanity/ Floor combo
-Floor Tile
-Towel Rack
Floor/Tub Combo
-Floor Tile
-Transition Stripe
- Tub Surround
Backsplash/ Mirror

Airdrie House update

New Fireplace, Paint
Crown Moulding on rounded corners
Baseboard on rounded corners
Multi tone stairwell, New casing, Painted railings

Yoga In Bowness

Finished Entry
-Moved the doorway and brought over some old doors from the previous space
-Updated shelving on the right
-Customer and her volunteers did the flooring, they reused the cork flooring from her previous space
-All New Casing and Baseboard
Custom shelving
-Custom shelving, Frame to finish.
Desk Install
-Installation of old desk
(mounted to wall)
Finished retail area
-Installation of custom shelves
-Paint room

Foundation Crack Repair

Locate The Leaks
-First we locate the cold zones with a thermal detector
-We cut small holes to locate the exact crack
Crack found
Crack Filled
-Using Sika Foundation Crack fix
Holes Patched

Various Repairs

Hole in door repair
-Timbermate hole
Wall patch and paint
-Spot Prime
Stone Cladding repair
Hole in wall Repair
-Final coat

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